Static Mixers

Static mixers are inline devices, specially designed to take care of the steady mixing of two or more fluids. They are able to homogenize and mix liquids but also may be used for gas-liquid dispersion. The internal elements are blade segments, facing left and right alternatively, so as to split up the fluid flow, creating a rotating movement and a sudden change of direction.

So, after the travel of n element, the base stream will have divided up into 2h streams and will have undergone the same number of direction changes. As consequence, the mixture becomes uniform and all the radial concentration, speed and temperature differences disappear. The necessary energy for the mixing process is equal to the volume flow multiplied by the pressure loss of the labyrinth. We may furnish the mixer with a jacket for heating or cooling when reation or mixing heat has to be dissiped, or a hard substance has to be liquified before the process is started.