Tank Mixing Eductors

Tank mixing eductor or tank jet mixer are jet pumps used for mixing and providing circulation inside tanks, reactors, treatment basins, etc. Mixing eductor is not only an excellent mixing device in itself but also produces an effective convective stream series which reach out every point inside the tank. It is employed in all the hereinafter services. 


The tank mixing eductor is a simple constructed and realiable device. It's nozzle where the motive is usually presced into by means of a centrifugal pump, is thightly inserted into the body, leaving a space, large enough for the secondary fluid, which has already been dragged along by the motive fluid, to get into.

In the mixing trunk, the driven stream speed slow down because an interchange impulse with the secondary stream, until the speeds even up alonside with a gradual pressure increase. In the diffuser the mixture kinetic energy is then changed into flow work until pressure rises up right at the leaving opening level, so saving enough velocity for a plume to be shaped and expand forward, ahead of the eductor, and to both sides of the same. Normally, the flow rate of liquid aspirated is three times of the flow rate of motive fluid 




Oil blending - Stratification prevention - Chemical treatment-basinso - Reactors