Barometric Condensers

Condensers are a essential part of many equipments as evaporators, crystalizers, dryers and distilation columns, ussually operating under vacuum in the modern technology. They are important links of the vacuum systems chain ussual in petroleum refineries and edible oils processing plants. They may be barometrics or surface one.
The barometric condenser is employed as a reliable and economical means of condensing steam from evaporators, vacuum crystallizers, calandria pans, vacuum systems and many other equipment of chemical and food industries.
The outstanding feature of the barometric condenser is that the cooling water may be discharged through the tail pipe by gravity, without a pump. It is a not flooding low cost device, easy to install, that requires little space and low maintenance.
There are two kinds of barometric condensers: countercurrent spray type in which steam flows upward against the water flow and parallel jet one in which vapor flow in the same direction as water. The former requires low water flow rate and less pressure. The second needs higher water pressure and higher flow rate, but requires no pump for the air.
Moreover, direct contact condensers are able to achieve the best thermic conditions, because it is possible to get the minimum terminal difference between the vapor condensation temperature and the outgoing water temperature and the best approach between outlet gases and the inlet water temperature, with surface condenser is not possible to obtain as well parameters.